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Felicity {CE/OC} by InuLover097 Felicity {CE/OC} by InuLover097
this OC was made for Kuro-Creations's contest Design a Human and she is also my Harry potter OC (HP marathon last night drove me to it)
Also my scanner refused to work ugh


Name: Felicity Montgomery 
Also Known As: Feli
Titles: ms. 
Age: 13 (second year) 
Birthday: 3/24
Nationality: welsh 
Species: human witch 
Blood Status: quater blood
Blood Type: AB-
Astrological Sign: Aries
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Past/Bio: Feli grew up in a muggle town with her small family. She and her younger brother were passed on the magic trait and her little sister was born muggle. Feli had a very happy and magical childhood and past. She always wore a smile , even when getting in trouble. This trait pasted onto the present version of herself. The other children in her town were nervous about befriending the odd family but soon found out they were just weird, not scary. 

About Him/Her: Feli always wears a smile on her face. She is very clumsy when it comes to dualing and any other wand work. She adores the potions class and tries her hardest to get good marks on every potion. She likes to make harmless pranks, like she did back home to her siblings. Feli struggles to see why other houses don't get along with each other. Her best friend is Elinor Hayes from Ravenclaw who is one year her junior. She supports her younger brother in whatever he does and helps him with potion recipes as he is opposite of her. She has a fairly short attention span in most of her classes. Feli likes to hide her pet gecko in her robe pockets during classes 

Personality: fun loving, soft hearted, pranker, goof, native, caring, 
Occupation: future nurse, Current :student

- potions class
- family
- grass flavored jelly beans 
- tea 
- basic pranks

- chocolate
-  Purests
-  reading too much
- hurting people with her pranks

Hobbies: making her own potions, shopping, 
Fears: getting expelled, hurting people, being alone
Strength: potions, 
Weakness: spell casting,
Talents:  great at potions, healing spells


Height: 5'0 
Cup Size: A cup (she is a baby!!)
Skin Tone: pale as fuck
Eye Color: dark blue
Hair Description: 
- Color: dark brown
- Highlights: dark blonde
- Length: medium 
- Style: wavy 
- Worn: down with chopy cut bangs
- Scars: a scar on her left arm from spooking her family cat when she was a tottler. She has another few on her head from trips and tumbles 
- Piercings: none
- Tattoos: gets one of a blue flowers over her scar
- Facial Features: square chin, 
- Scent: grass, assortment of potion ingredients, musky 
- Other: she has an overbite and a beauty mark under left eye


Father: Adam
Mother: Rebecca
Siblings: Bently and Sarah 
Relatives: Elizabeth Montgomery, William Stanly 
Family Line of Work: dad: muggle teacher mum: works at magic bookstore 
Family Background: mum is half blood dad is muggle
Best Friends: elinor, fred&george, Hannah Abbott 
Friends: roommates in hufflepuff 
Enemies: none


School: hogwarts
House: hufflepuff
Best Core Class: potions
Worst Core Class: DADA and Charma
Elective: Care for magical creatures 
Quidditch: yes , back up player for team hufflepuff
Extra-Curricular: clubs


- Length: 11 1/3 inches
- Wood: Rowan 
- Core: Phoenix feather 
Pets: gecko named Bob
Boggart: Banshee 
Animagus/Patronus: chinchilla
Amortentia: grass,gunpowder, fairy floss and parchment paper


Home Town: Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales
Residence: Wales 
Loyalty: good
Organizations: none

Extra Information

Quotes: "Wait what?"
Theme Song: Age of Aquarius (let the sunshine in) 
Food: Bara Brith
Drink: Green tea
Color: light blue
Animal: Lizards
Flower: Lavender 
Season: Winter

base used for referenced : SoukiAdopts /
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